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Updating static controls in C++

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I''m running into a strange problem with my Windows static controls in C++. I set the background color, but it doesn''t change unless I call some function that updates the control, such as SetWindowText(). I''ve tried using SetWindowPos() with nothing set but SWP_FRAMECHANGED, and that doesn''t seem to work, even though it works on other controls and windows. Is there a function that is designed to redraw controls, or do I have to use this makeshift approach? ---- AIDS

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This forces an update. It should be called anytime there is a modification to a owner drawen object. If its on another thread you must use the SendThreadMessage(); with a command WM_SHOW or something that will force an window redraw. But of coarse if you just put a WM_PAINT message in the WINProc it also should do the same thing. ?!?!?(Very slow option).

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