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misc. graphics api question.(dumb questions)

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I assume DX, opengl are graphics api''s, d3d and I don''t know any others. I never used the api''s i''m jsut wondering. 1. Can DX use a 3-d card to accel it''s graphics? Does it have to? 2. Opengl does use a 3d card right? Does it need to? 3.d3d uses a 3d card? does it need to? When opengl or d3d renders triangles.. they can be flat shaded right... how do you change colors? can''t you just change the color value of the polygon.. so next time it''s rendered it''ll be that color? -codyva

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I can''t speak for OGL, but no, DX doesn''t need a 3D card. It will just use software emulation (and suck fish head).
If you have hardware (ie 3D accel card), u CAN use it, it will run faster and look cooler.

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Guest Anonymous Poster

OpenGL can use a 3D card to speed it up. Having a 3D card when using OpenGL is actually a must because the OpenGL software drivers suck. In OpenGL, to change the color you use the glColor*() function.


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cause I was thinking
of having like a model(mesh right?)
then just changing polys of the head to (color)
and the hair color would be diff.
but somebody said you had to change the whole model

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