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dehelp page fault with choosepixelformat(...)

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Hi all, Whenever I compile and run an OGL program under windows it works fine the first time but if I try and run it again (or any other OGL program) I get the following... DDHELP.dll caused an invalid page fault in model NVDD32.DLL... I know ddhelp is the directdraw helper dll and nbdd32 is the nvidia driver so I have tried reinstalling drivers which didn''t help. I recently had to get a new HD and reinstall everything...still no good. The problem occurs for any OGL program, be it one I downloaded from the tutes here, an example from MS or Borland (I''m using CBuilder but it does the same under visual c 6/7) or my own. I traced a number of different code examples and the problem occurs with the ChoosePixelFormat(...) function. As I said it is with any code so I don''t think it is a problem where I have forgotten to call GetDC etc. Anyway, if anyone else has had a similar problem and has found a solution please help! I really don''t want to go back to dx9 again Thanks Stewart

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Me again, sorry I forgot to mention that it only started to occur after I installed the nvidia detonator drivers 3x.xx something about a year or so ago. I have all the latest drivers now but still the same trouble.

Could it be something to do with OGL 1.2+ I think it was around the nvidia 3x.xx driver that they included 1.2?

Thanks again

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