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Help with '\n' escape sequence

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Right now i am programming a MFC Application that has a CEdit that needs to display multiple lines of text. When I first started this project adding \n to a CString then displaying it in the box got to the next line. However, now when I use \n all i get is a wierd character that sort of looks like this ''|''. Thanks

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sometimes you need both a \n AND \r

respectivly newline and carriage return...

Cant remberer if it''s \n\r or \r\n but experiment...

ps. if that doesn''t work then you are not ment to make linebreaks there...


\n only = linux & unix style
\n and \r = MS wierdness
\r = MAC wierdness


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I might me wrong about this, but I believe that in the early days, \r\n (carriage return/line feed) was a holdover from typewriters where you would actually do both of those things to advance to a new line. However, since space was of major importance, MS decided that they could only store the \n and have it represent both of them while Unix decided to stick with \n only. With XP and/or .NET and/or recent updates to anything they switched to requiring both the \r and \n for a newline. If you read an ASCII file in as binary you''ll notice that newlines are two bytes (10 and 13, not sure which is which).

There is my useless addition to this topic.

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Original post by Olrich
Thanks man. It was \r\n...I wonder why \n by itself worked before....oh well thanks for the help.

This depends of the encoding... Unicode use both of \r and \n while ANSI - not. If you moved to another platform (WinXP) this is the reason for your problem... Or there may be another reasons for changing encoding

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