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Free freeware networking API

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wow. Only $100 if you want it to actually be useful. Only $2000 to be able to fix their generic source so it''s efficient for your needs and then beable to sell your product how you want.

Winsock/DirectPlay aren''t nearly complicated enough to warrent paying for someone elses implementation of them. It took me 2 hours to get DirectPlay 7 working having never used it before. The only reason I didn''t go with DP8 is because it''s not easily contained in a swappable class.

Let''s see: $2000 for something that

a) you need to learn anyway if you expect to do on-line projects
b) amounts to hardly a fraction of your projects code base
c) would only take a couple weeks to make yourself by gleaming on-line resources.

How many serious programmers working on the network portion of an on-line project who don''t know Winsock are getting paid $1000 a week?

Connect, send, getmessage, disconnect are the four basic public methods you need in a networking class. That takes very little time to get going. I had my self contained TCP winsock class written and working in a day. UDP can then be transparently worked in over time without interupting the game itself.

Every game project is different so you only need those four little functions in a class and they are not worth $2000. The real time is spent on the messaging system which you can''t get prepackaged because every game is different.

Freeware libraries are for educational purposes only. Not serious work.

I noticed they claimed that no projects outside of MS use DirectPlay professionally. Which I don''t believe is even true. I wonder how many professional projects use their API. I wouldn''t suspect many.

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You really should be suspicious of groups that appear to hold a personal grudge against its competitors. Seems just a bit too negative.

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