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Questions on Game Engines

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Hey, whats up?... I am not yet a C++ programmer, but I am still learning... Before I move on to DirectX and OpenGL... I would like to know some things about engines... 1. First of all, what are game engines? And what would I make it with? 2. Are there any such thing of 'graphics' engines? If they are any, once again, what would I make it with? 3. Would it be hard to me a game engine? If they are any 'graphics' engines, would it be hard to make them? ----------------------------------------------------------------- Alright, I hope that someone replys over the night, its 12:30 A.M. - I thought I'd make this post so when I wake up maby I'll have a lot or some answers/comments... Okay, thanks! Good night everyone! Bye - [edited by - Vulcan3415 on February 6, 2003 12:52:40 AM]

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1. Game Engines are a predesigned program or dll that takes care of all drawing, sound, music etc. These are normally stored in dll files and sometimes use other files to actually to the game processing. For example, Unreal is an engine that uses UnrealScript to tell it what to do. The Unreal engine just renders, plays sound etc

2. Graphic engines... yes. They would do either 2D or 3D rendering. DirectDraw and Direct3D are examples of this.

3. It depends on your knowledge. I''m trying to write a 2D Graphic Engine, but I don''t know how to draw into screen memory. Hence it runs slow. However, with a few tutorials, you should be able to to that.

On a lighter note, anyone up for a game of scrabble?

Yo Tyler, I hear your mum''s goin out with... SQUEEK!

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