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Windows device contexts

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Isn''t this a bad idea? (Passing screenDC like this--since it''s scope only lasts until the function ends...)
void CCaptureWindow::startCapture(void)
  HDC hdc = ::GetDC(NULL);
  CDC screenDC;
  m_capManager = new m_capManager(&screenDC, m_xSource, m_ySource, m_width, m_height);
The m_capManager object stores screenDC as a CDC* which seems to me that it''d point to nothing after startCapture is finished, unless I just don''t understand device contexts or something.

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It looks to me that the call to ReleaseDC will invalidate the HDC stored in m_capManager. Do you really need to store that DC? Assuming you''re trying to do a screen capture - why not just store the captured image instead and use a new dc each time a capture is made?

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I think that''s the case. The odd thing is that I think it was actually working with no obvious problems. I am going to create a new DC every time I need it afterall...I thought it would be easier not to but it probably doesn''t really matter!

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