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Some High Res X² Sprites

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They look cool. When is X2 actually coming out though? It seems like you guys have tons of great concept art and no game. Haven''t you been working on it for 2+ years now?

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lol no way heh. The 1 stage demo for X2 is due out in August, but to be honest with you, it may be out as soon as April.

X² has been a graciously large project that has been in production for the last 9 months. Tons of time has been dedicated to its design and planning on both the technical and artistic side.

Our prototyping phase is over and our engine is currently in development for the PC version of the game.

To check out the most detailed information about that game visit:


-Kasan Wright

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I know it''s probably pointless since you are working as part of a team, but do you know of the game engine MUGEN ? ''cause original characters (as in, not ripped from existing games) are pretty rare, and I am sure you would find fame if you released your guy in there (although the game is only being developped for linux, now )

Sancte Isidore ora pro nobis !

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