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Ok, the last post was about the file i/o commands in general and thnx for all you who responded, but now i''ve got a couple more questions. First, file extensions...what should i use for my files i draw info from? right now i''m considering ".dat" or maybe ".cfg", any of your personal preferences would help! Second, can anyone think of any other classes that are vitally important to the engine? Right now i''ve got the Player,NPC,and Room classes to where they need to be. Mind you i want this to be customizable to personal preferences. And Third,there is one thing i can''t think of how to do. When you call the score function, how would i put the player back to where he was in the game??? Thanks in advance for responding! gamedev.net is a priceless resource!! Kudos to the webmasters. -Run_The_Shadows -Run_The_Shadows@excite.com

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File extensions matter very little ... unless you want it to be easy for your users to understand what each file does (if they are going to modify the files directly) ... in which case I sugest:

.txt, .ini, .cfg - for text based files ... depending on the format ... don''t use .ini unless you follow at least the basic concepts of ini files.

.dat, .bin, .sav, .hex - for binary data ...

DO NOT use these names if you want to HIDE the details from the user ... instead change names and use something like .klp or .rgi

restoring the player to his position after score should be very similar to the problem of loading a saved position from file ... the only difference is that you can store the data in memory ... so you won''t need to open/close a file ... or bother with parsing the file into the memory buffer.

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