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quadtree optimized theory and question.

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First the theory: My old implementation for my quadtree-based terrain CLOD called UpdateQuadtree() and the Render() with UpdateQuadtree() being most expensive and Render() simply traversing thru the tree with a "Draw Tag" set to true. Is this a good method to render a quadtree-based terrain? I have one tree, so I just set a flag to true or false depending if it''s visible (basically a leaf). Second question; wouldn''t it be more efficient if I draw the leaves (visible terrain) WHILE I update the terrain? In other words, if it is a leaf, then draw it.? The next question is part of the theory thing: I''m wondering what is the best/traditional structure used for a quadtree-based CLOD engine? I have two classes, CGround and Quadtree, with Quadtree borrowing elements of CGround (which has all the geometry information). I definitely want a cleaner, easier, and more efficient way for these two crucial objects to interact. Should i be using inheritance here??? If not, then what? (a generalized/basic pseudocode/outline would help tremendously!).

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What I do is pre-build my whole quadtree (with a max-depth of around 5). And while I traverse my tree and come to a leaf, I render it directly. The rendering process only takes one traversal, but what I do need to do is clear a dirty bit every frame. But this doesn''t take up any time.

I use Geomipmapping for drawing my terrain, so I can render leaves while updating (traversing) the tree. If you use some other CLOD-algoritme this might be difficult (for instance a triangle might have to split after you have rendered it).

Hope this helps a bit.


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