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DMusic help...

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Ive implemented DirectMusic and Installed the Producer, now I need to create the Bgnd music for my game. My goal is to: 1) create a standard midi file (maybe in producer or imported into producer). 2) Create a DLS in Producer (collection of wavs) 3) Assign tracks of the midi file to the wavs in the DLS. 4) Export the DLS and Sequence files to my game folder. 5) Play the Sequence with the DLS in my game. My problem is, I cant assign the wavs to the imported midi file correctly in my game. What I do is import the midi file, then add a band track and add wav files to the band, then assign the wavs to the tracks. It works ok in producer if I do it this way, but my DMusic routine doesnt play the WAV (DLS), only the sequence file using standard instruments! Ive told DMusic to globally automatically download the DLS but it still does not play the wavs! Ive also tried to add a seperate Band in Producer, then assign the wavs to the tracks in the Segment(midi file), It plays ok, but when I exit Producer and re-enter, the wavs arent assigned anymore! It plays normal instruments. DMusic is very complicated (Those damn MS structs) when compared even to DDraw, and I no nothing about music, so can someone please supply me some source code to do what I need? Basically I need the source to load a DLS and a SGT file, and play it. A sample DLS and SGT file would be a great help too. ;=- Thankx -=;

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