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Judging mini demos - a bit of organization

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To make the judging easier i say we orgainize our opinions. In this thread just list your top three choices and the amount of demos you couldnt see. To make sure that each entrant doesnt make 50 accounts to vote for themselves, each poster should be a member for at least about a month. Top 3 demos (IMO) 1. Superstars by Quin Pendragon 2. The Thing 2003 by Andreas Hammar 3. Ravers Nature by Mirko Teran Demos Missed: 4

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My order is the same as well. (Except I only couldn''t see one, and that was the linux demo, which i probably could have seen if my linux partition was working...)

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top 2 Mini-Demos:

1. Demolition by Phil Freeman
2. The Thing 2003 by Andreas Hammar

I couldn''t see Ravers Nature on my machine =(, so:

3. Rishi Ramjaj''s "Pescao Loco!"

Demos missed: 3

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my favourites :
1. Superstars / Quin Pendragon
2. PoRnOiNtRo / Tuomas Volotinen
3. Ravers Nature / Mirko Teran (Ravnikar)

and some awards :
most polished demo : The Thing 2003 by Andreas Hammar
best music : PoRnOiNtRo by Tuomas Volotinen
best effects : Naskel3D by Axl and a64ki by Henrik Carlgren
best intro : Ravers Nature by Mirko Teran
best scenario : Superstars by Quin Pendragon
best humour : PoRnOiNtRo by Tuomas Volotinen
most original : 60.0f Seconds by Sebastian Brandt
and the most funny demo : Pescao Loco by Rishi Ramjaj !

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I looked at each demo (except the Linux demo, sorry) and rated them on 2/3/03, and all ran on my machine (though I didn''t have some extentions for Mirko''s)

Here is the order I gave them:

1> Mirko Teran
2> Andreas Hammar
3> Henrik Carlgren

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1. Superstars by Quin Pendragon
2. The Thing 2003 by Anreas Hammar
3. 60.0f seconds by Sebastian Brandt

2 and 3 are only because of their technical merit. Superstars was the only demo that made me feel stuff so I think it should win.

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2)Toss up between Sebastions''s & Mirko''s

Rus''s doesn''t work period.
Stanciu''s- its not working right, I''m sure
Yuval''s- I liked this one but I think there was something seriously wrong with the background sky.

Many of the others had great effects but if a scene doesn''t develop after about 8 beats of music, I find it just gets dragged out (maybe I just bore easily )

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1. Superstars by Quin Pendragon
2. The Thing 2003 by Andreas Hammar
3. Interminable Tunnel by David Ducker( liked the content)

Couldn''t view Ravers Nature

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Hello all.

OK, it's late and I'm a bit on the drunk side to say what demo should win. But I think Hammer should get an extra point for beeing less hardware demanding. It was the only one of the top 3 (according to most of the people here) to run on my laptop. I have see all of the now, but earliers this week, I was stuck on a hotel room with only a crapy P-II 500 and a crapy graphics-card without any OpenGL hardware decoding... And after downloaing most of the demos about half of them had a framerate around .2/sek.

So , I know running on crapy computers wasn't a part of the contest, but I think Hammer should have some extra credit for his work.


[edited by - esolem on February 8, 2003 8:25:19 PM]

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(edit: probably should state that fractoid = Quin Pendragon. My site is at http://fractal.leet.net.au/)

Firstly, thanks everyone for voting for me! And, obviously, thanks to NeHe for having such a cool site/contest/prize/tutorials. You obviously care, man, and it shows. I dunno about most people here, but I've learned 99% of what I know about OpenGL from nehe.gamedev.net. Keep up the good work!
It was a quality field, with a lot of talent. I finally managed to download all of the demos, and here are my comments (for what they're worth).

Andreas Hammar: Possibly my favorite. Shiny is good. Music is good. 2-level metablobs are good. Text is good. Neon tube thing is very good. My only problem is that each scene lasts a long time... but the scenes are quality.

Armand Niehaus: Like the tune. What *is* that funky wobbly blue shiny thing between other scenes?

Axl: Two words: Matrix. Goood. Water is good - maybe some rain for more interesting ripples? That multiple-overlaid-sliding-square thing is cool too... Tunnels are always good.

Brian Washburn: Tunnel with overlaid wireframe was funky Good to see some music synch. as well.

David Ducker: I kept expecting aliens to jump out or something... Nice textures!

Georgi Khomeriki: Nice model animation - I've gotta get something like that going
(quick opinion poll: skeletal or mesh-interpolation, folks?)

Gyasi Grey: Can't... stop... staring... at... ball.... Hypnotic. This would make a good Winamp plugin

Henrik Carlgren: Particles good. Trails/Motion blur good. Wireframe (or not) knot-looking thing good. End abrupt.

Julien Amsellem: Should some of those stars be closer than the spaceship?

Libor Capak: Nice music synch and 2D shape-y things. Possibly a little more variety?

Mirko Teran: Real oldskool feel about this one... The bouncy tower scene just did something weird. (went all wireframe then all black). *reruns* OK, worked that time. I think the problem was me accidentally resizing the window Kudos for the realtime IFS and Julia set...

Pete Corey: Square meshes can do *anything*

Peter Wallstrom: Oldskool 4k intro?

Phil Freeman: Very cool. I'd pick this for second, after Andreas Hammar's.... nah, stuffit, I like this one better. Good work!

Ralph Tittensor: Funkae! Flying cameras around is always cool. The point where you broke the knot thingy into squares and flipped them over was a definite 'wow' moment... good work Maybe a fade out at the end?

Rishi Ramraj: Is the fishtank meant to have walls? Also the top of the water looks... odd... but still, cool.

Rus Bogdan: Slick intro... You people with graphic design skills, gah. Once again stops somewhat abruptly.

Sebastian Brandt: Niiice. Maybe a smidgen too much static, and it looked like it was meant to be synched to the music but wasn't on my system. Still, good work

Stanciu Ciprian: Camera movement was good... some of the planets seemed to be missing some colour?

Steven Ashley: Woohoo! More cubes! I like the use of DSP beat responsiveness instead of just pattern/row detection... it definitely works best with your own tune though. Hard NRG seems to confuse it somewhat

Tuomas Volotinen: OK, I have a new favorite. Crusty, oldskool, fast... plus the whole 25kb thing is sorta impressive. I like a demo that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Yuval Sarna: I beheld a tree... woah. Some people seem to think my demo (Superstars) had a message. That was just 4am straight-from-subconscious-to-screen demopoetry. *This* has a message. And sad music. *snif~*

So, overall, my top three are:
1) PoRnOiNtRo (Tuomas Volotinen)
2) Demolition (Phil Freeman)
3) the thing 2003 (Andreas Hammar)

...but I loved them all. Fantastic work!

[edited by - fractoid on February 11, 2003 1:57:52 AM]

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