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Filling array from a file

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Ok. I have searched through the forums until my eyes began to hurt. I am saving my array (for a tile engine) to file, thats ok. I am then reloading, this also is ok. But... I want to be able to specify the size of the array in the file, again saving is not a problem, but when it comes to reload i am having problems. fin>>Size; int const MAPSIZE = Size; char map[MAPSIZE][MAPSIZE]; ... It doesn''t work due to the const. If anyone could give any advise it would be much appriciated, thanks.

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Yes, and when allocating memory with new[], don't forget to delete[] it! Like this:


char* map = new char[Size * Size];

//use the map
map[6 + 3 * Size] = 'a'; //access coordinate (6, 3)

delete[] map;

Personally I'd recommend using Boost.MultiArray or just std::vector, but beginners usually tend to ignore such suggestions so I won't tell more unless you ask.

[edited by - civguy on February 8, 2003 7:43:05 AM]

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