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Major Mammories

Static Buffer or Meshes?

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Im very new to 3D programming, (about a month). Im trying to create a simple strat game that involves a 3D city scape. I have my terrain in static vertex buffers, and a few buildings as meshes loaded ontop of that. Im expecting the actual 3D world to change rarely, say once every few minutes a building will appear or dissappear. Would it perhaps be better then to create the whole world, buildings included in the static buffer. Then when a change needs to be made use another thread to asyncronously recreate the static buffer then swicth when its created? Or should i continue using meshes for buildings as would seem the norm? Thanks

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It depends.

If your building are very low poly, then drawing each seperate may kill your performance. Updating the static buffer every few minutes shouldn''t be too bad. Another option is for the buildings to go with a dynamic buffer. If they''re changes are as rare as you indicate, I''d go for updating the static buffer. Changing the static buffer will have a bigger one time hit (which may not even be noticable), but using dynamic buffers will have a small constant performance.

I think I saw somewhere a recommendation of using static over dynamic if the data won''t change for more than 3 frames.

If they''re high poly, then sure, draw them as individual meshes.

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