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if it's possible, how can i have a list that holds dif...

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hi, using C++, how can i have a list that holds different kinds of data? for example: class Cclass1 { ... } class Cclass2 { ... } ... vector list; ... now list could either be from Cclass1, or Cclass2. does that make sense? if not, please hold you laughter Thanks, Scott

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use a union. I've never done it before, but I think you do something like this:

class class1
class class2
union myUnion
class1, class2

myUnion u;
class1 obj1;
class2 obj2;

u = obj1;
u = obj2;

The type of u will change when you make it equal to an object of a different type.

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First of all, you can''t use unions if your classes have any constructors - ie, the classes have to be POD.
If the two types are not related already, then you can use boost::any (www.boost.org, I''m too lazy to write a href)...
However, you will have to know what each type inserted is. (in order to get the actual instance as a Cclass1 or Cclass2).
If they are related, then hold a boost::shared_ptr of the base class type.

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