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Direct Input Question

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Hey. I need to addsomething to my DInput wrapper class to reaquirer my DI devices (eg mouse and keyboard) after they're unaquired. I looked on MSDN, but it doidnt give me a solid answer to this. Would i just detect the error 'DIERR_NOTAQUIRED' and then simply call the function 'SomeDevice->Acquire();' or should i go through the entire initialisation functions to get it back? Which other error codes would need to make the game reaquirer devices. DIERR_INPUTLOST? thx, -J EDIT: BTW: its version 8.1 i'm using. [edited by - jason2jason on February 8, 2003 4:41:41 PM]

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yeah basically you just check if GetDeviceState failed. If it did
you try to acquire, but if that fails, you can enter a loop of acquiring while the error code is DIERR_INPUTLOST || hr == DIERR_NOTACQUIRED.

HRESULT hr = pDevice->GetDeviceState(256, keyBuffer);

if( FAILED( hr ) )
hr = m_pKeyboardDevice->Acquire();
hr = pDevice->Acquire();

Of course you can use different loginc, but that's basically it.

:::: [ Triple Buffer V2.0 ] ::::

[edited by - IFooBar on February 8, 2003 4:51:29 PM]

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One additional note. You need not call the Create functions but once. Once they successfully create the device or the DirectInput object, you don''t want to call them again unless you destroy them properly. Besides it''s extra work and wholly unnecessary to accomplish what your trying to do.


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