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Can't create a D3D8 device anymore

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All of a sudden, my call to CreateDevice fails when using D3DDEVTYPE_HAL. Its worked countless times before and I didn''t change how or where I called the function, but suddenly it no longer works. The device is created, however, in D3DDEVTYPE_HAL. I''m using the same computer as I used when it worked before. What could be the problem? ''There''s something out there....something stupid...'' ''I think I''m going to be ill. Is that a problem for you?'' ''[You] overestimate my conscience by assuming that I have one.'' - Daria DirectInput8 with the Keyboard , DirectInput8 with the Mouse , Using DirectX Audio 8

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2) Run DXDIAG and make sure you do the D3D tests in it - see if those work.

3) Try some of the SDK samples.

- If you''ve installed ANY software recently, even commercial stuff, there''s a possibility that its screwed up your DirectX configuration (I''ve witnessed very badly written installers that try to force on old versions of things like DirectX).

- If the application is windowed, and you (or some software such as OpenGL demos) has changed the bit depth of the desktop, that could account for it - some graphics chips don''t support 3D in some desktop modes - 24bit being the one which immediately springs to mind. If you have a Matrox or older 3Dfx card this would be my guess.

- Likewise if you/something has installed an updated driver for your video card which has changed settings - for example on most nVidia chips, the bitdepth of the depth (Z) buffer format **MUST** be equal to the bitdepth of your framebuffer format (the desktop depth in windowed mode) - because so many applications get this wrong and don''t call things CheckDepthStencilFormatMatch(), their drivers have a setting which when enabled overrides what the code specified in its PRESENT_PARAMETERS to ensure the formats match. A driver update may set the setting to off...

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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