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How to copy surface rect to texture rect??

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What should i do? I try lock texture, then lock surface, then CopyMemory(texture.pBits,surface.pBits,height*width); I try to get underlying surface via GetSurfaceLevel, what''s wrong?

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What you wanna use is CopyRect, which doesn''t require you to lock the surfaces. In fact, if you do, it won''t work...
Plus, there is something called pitch you need to take into consideration when you''re doing your own routines.
Pitch is the TRUE width of the surfaces in D3D, and it might be bigger than the visible width, due to some caching-stuff.
You may also have different pitch on the source and destination surfaces, which makes it even worse... So stick to CopyRect

MFC is sorta like the swedish police... It''''s full of crap, and nothing can communicate with anything else.

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But how can i get texture surface to use CopyRects, via GetSurfaceLevel ? Cause CopyRects accepts two surfaces, and after copying i need to use texture, i don''t need surface, cause i can''t use SetTexture with surface, right?

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