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Overall program structure

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Okay, so I have made a handful of projects now and up until this point my biggest successes have been when I write in a non-OOP language like C. Now the problem I have when I am working in C++ is that I have problems with figuring out where to put certain types of data. For example, I am working on my dprvisl* little interpretation of the classic game asteroids. (* this word is actually "special", but some half naked women came on the TV and I lost control of my keyboard) Now I have a class for the ship, a class for the asteroids, and a class for bullets. The ship class contains a list of bullets, and each class contains its own data for display & collisions etc. Now, and this happens every time I try it in C++, when it comes to working out how the collision detection is going to work, I find that I have all this good collision data worked out, and I know what methods I want to use, but all the data is protected in all those different bloody objects. So, I guess what I am trying to say here is that I need to learn a little more about OOP design, and I''m wondering if anyone can help out with good links or an impromptu lesson. Thanks.

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You might be better off keeping the bullets in a global list rather than within the ship. If each bullet has to know it's owner (so you can mix alien ship and player ship bullets without them hitting each other), just keep an owner pointer with each bullet.

Depending on how you want to do the collisions, query each pair of objects for their collision information (say a circle):

Circle plcirc = player->GetCollisionCircle();

Circle astcirc = asteroid[ i ]->GetCollisionCircle();

if( Hits(plcirc,astcirc) )

Similarly for bullets

if( bullet[ i ]->GetOwner() == player )
BulletCol bcol = bullet[ i ]->GetCollision();

foreach( asteroid j )
Circle astcirc = asteroid[ j ]->GetCollisionCircle();

if( Hits(bcol,astcirc) )
asteroid[ j ]->DoDestroyed();


That gives an extremely rough idea of one way to do it (I don't pretend or care if it is 'proper' OO technique, but it is clear and it works).

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