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Mark Sheeky

Alternative Perspective Transforms For 3D Isometrix

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I''m thinking of doing another isometric game. My first was a DrectDraw 5 thing but this time I want to go 3D. My first idea was to use untransformed polygons in diamond shaps to build the blocks. This is fine for cubes and such, I could even use the depth buffer to do-auto masking but placing 3D characters there or any weird shaped objects might be tricky. Then I thought I could use a true 3D transform but change the pespective matrix to remove the perspective and have an isometric display. Ie: thing in the distance are not smaller any more. I''ve seen it done but don''t know the matrix for this kind of transform. Anyone know it? It seems the logical way to represent isometric maps using 3D hardware. Mark

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What I do for my isometric games in opengl/d3d:
- Set the projection matrix to a typical isometric matrix like this:

[ cosA | 0 | sinA | 0 ]
[ sinB*sinA | cosB | -sinB*cosA | 0 ]
[ 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 ]
[ 0 | 0 | 0 | 1 ]

with A = 45deg and B=35.26deg

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And if you don''T want Perspective, you
have to use a orthogonal Projection. Described in the SDK.

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