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load unregular bitmap (vb)

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Hi, There are quite a few tutorials on using OpenGL with VB. But every tutorial used regular (i mean same width and heigt and it must be a power of 2) bitmaps. Now I found some interesting c++ code which displays a md2 file with a texture map. But this bitmap file was sized 432x142. The texture is created with glubuild2dmipmaps, which has (among other) a parameter "bitmap-data". Now how do I fill this bitmap-data? How can I load a 432x142 bitmap in Visual Basic, so that I can pass it to glubuild2dmipmaps? So I need some function like auxdibimageload() in vb. Thanks ClassifiedOne [edited by - ClassifiedOne on February 9, 2003 1:00:09 PM]

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glubuildmipmaps first rescales the image to a power of 2 size
perhaps use devil (openil) for loading images


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Well, loading a bitmap yourself and making it a texture with gluBuild2DMipmaps (if that's what you're asking for, I'm not 100% that it is) in VB is simple. Code below...

Dim BitmapBits() As GLubyte
Dim BitmapBitsize As Long

' Open the file to begin with...
Open "C:\MyBitmap.bmp" For Binary As #1

' Get the file's header and info...
Get #1, , BitmapHeader
Get #1, , BitmapInfo

' Calculate the size of the image...
BitmapBitsize = ((BitmapInfo.biHeight * BitmapInfo.biWidth) * (BitmapInfo.biBitCount / 8)) - 1

' Allocate some space for the image...
ReDim BitmapBits(BitmapBitsize)

' Read in the bitmap's bits...
Get #1, , BitmapBits

' Generate a new texture object, then
' bind it so that we can use it...
glGenTextures 1, uiTexObject
glBindTexture glTexture2D, uiTexObject

' Set up any texture parameters (note
' the fourth parameter)...
glTexParameteri glTexture2D, tpnTextureWrapS, GL_REPEAT
glTexParameteri glTexture2D, tpnTextureWrapT, GL_REPEAT
glTexParameteri glTexture2D, tpnTextureMagFilter, GL_LINEAR
glTexParameteri glTexture2D, tpnTextureMinFilter, GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR
glTexEnvi tetTextureEnv, tenTextureEnvMode, tepModulate

' "Define" the texture...
gluBuild2DMipmaps glTexture2D, 3, BitmapInfo.biWidth, BitmapInfo.biHeight, _
tiBGRExt, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, ByVal VarPtr(BitmapBits(0))

' Don't forget to close the file...
Close #1

This code assumes that the file is a 24-bit bitmap (hence GLubyte), but you can modify it a little to open files of all bitsizes...

EDIT: Stupid source box ...

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[edited by - iNsAn1tY on February 9, 2003 11:26:07 PM]

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Thank you for your code, it works fine. I had a similar one, but it crashed (guess I passed some wrong GL parameter).

What would I have to modify if I wanted to load a 256 color bitmap?

Well it is not so important to me, but if you have some code to post, i''d apreciate it!

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