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Newbie Team Proposal (long)...

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I am an experienced programmer in many languages including C++. I have been working on Game Development in both DirectX and Win32 GDI for about 1.5 years. Although I have read just about every book on both subjects, I have yet to put together a complete game due to the fact that I just can't seem to envision where I should begin. With this said, I am looking for other people caught in the same scenario in which they know the information but are having trouble putting it all together. I feel that this can be overcome by people working together and sharing ideas to develop a game from start to finish. Now, I am not talking about the game that all newbie programmers walk through the door blabbing about such as QUAKE or HALO (a previous post I saw earlier). I believe we have all been there and now realize that creating such a game is nearly impossible alone. What I am proposing is either a 2D classic such as Breakout or Tetris and working our way up through various projects to gain the necessary knowledge to develop many types of game such as side-scrollers, top-scrollers, etc.. If we follow this pattern we will eventually be presented with 3D where we can repeat the same cycle. I am not asking people to be under my command either, I want this to be a group project community so people can get the general feel of working as a team and completeing something as well as setting reasonable time expectations for projects. I feel that if we trade off different parts of each game's development such as working on AI in one game and then working on Collision Detection in the next will help to create a more well rounded knowledge of the different aspects of a game as well as see other peoples ideas. I am also open to any other suggestions that people may have regarding changes in structure of the idea. If you are interested, you can e-mail me at JohnMMena@hotmail.com or message me via ICQ (UIN: 345339127), MSN (JohnMMena@hotmail.com), or AIM (EnjoyZRide). Thank you for reading this long winded post and happy coding! -John M. Mena <SPAN CLASS=editedby>[edited by - JohnMMena on February 9, 2003 4:17:36 PM]</SPAN> [Edited by - NoMonkey on September 6, 2005 1:18:00 PM]

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