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Light Attenuation problem

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Hi, i am developing a game, where you look on a room from the top (you see the floor as a plane parrallel to the screen). The floor plane is at z=0. Now i want to add point lights with realistic (quadratic) attenuation. The Floor geometry is made of many little squares (GL_QUADS). They are also textured and normals are declared correctly. I''m not using any material properties. Now when I add a light like 2.0 over the floor the floor will be lit homogenous, since i didnt make the light other than constant attenuation yet. But when i set the quadratic attenuation to a nonzero value, the floor will be completely dark. I really don''t know what is wrong here. I also tried to add attenuation to the light of lesson 7 of NeHe''s tutorial with a similar result. Do I have to use material, or what else could be the problem ? The light is NOT infinite far away, it is a local light. Please help

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Well, i got it working now. Although i have to say, that i''m not sure what was the mistake. I guess it was something with the light position. Now i''m positioning the light in the Render Function, before i positioned it once at initialization.

Can make nice colored light cones playing around with CONSTANT_ATTENUATION and QUADRATIC_ATTENUATION using different colors for ambient and diffuse light.

Important is, that i can make the light stronger using values < 1 for the CONSTANT_ATTENUATION. But then you will get a cone that is 100% bright and inside that cone there''ll be no attenuation. Nice effect *g*

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