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Interface Issues

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What's up people! After a three month abscence, I'm back on the scene... Anyway, I'm laying out the gameplay screen for my game (a Sim game) and thought of having several zoom windows. What the hell is a zoom window? A zoom window is a window that shows a small portion of the map. The game resolution is 800x600 and the main window is 512x384. I was thinking of having 3 zoom windows right below the main window (160x160). I tried this but found it caused a big performance hit (got trapped in another vsync because of the extra windows. that gives 32fps). So then I thought why have three? Why not have ONE zoom window and just have the user toggle between the three zooms?. Did that and still got caught in a vsync (limiting fps to around 32fps). So should I say what the hell and have my three windows? Edited by - Ðragun on 5/16/00 3:42:59 AM

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I would go with one window where the user can switch between views, just because you don''t have to update three windows all the time, but just one.

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ISDN - It Still Does Nothing
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