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Screen Resize without Direct X

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Is it possible to resize the screen to another resolution without using directx? (eg. an API/GDI call) if so, is it also possible to change the color depth? Thanx in advance

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Easy! Use the Win32 API subset known as Developer Mode. This code is curtesy of NeHe

DEVMODE dmScreenSettings; // Device Mode
memset(&dmScreenSettings,0,sizeof(dmScreenSettings)); // Makes Sure Memory''s Cleared
dmScreenSettings.dmSize=sizeof(dmScreenSettings); // Size Of The Devmode Structure
dmScreenSettings.dmPelsWidth = width; // Selected Screen Width
dmScreenSettings.dmPelsHeight = height; // Selected Screen Height
dmScreenSettings.dmBitsPerPel = bits; // Selected Bits Per Pixel

// Try To Set Selected Mode And Get Results. NOTE: CDS_FULLSCREEN Gets Rid Of Start Bar.
if (ChangeDisplaySettings(&dmScreenSettings,CDS_FULLSCREEN)!=DISP_CHANGE_SUCCESSFUL)

/* If the mode couldn''t be set the code below will run. If a matching fullscreen mode doesn''t exist, a messagebox will pop up offering two options... The option to run in a window or the option to quit. */

// If The Mode Fails, Offer Two Options. Quit Or Run In A Window.
MessageBox(NULL,"The Requested Fullscreen Mode Is Not Supported By\nYour Video Card. ","NeHe GL",MB_YESNO/MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);

And there you go! Changed Screen resolution!

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