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Horrible Framerate Problem

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I''m tired but I''ve just read something bad !

Well you''re right, above 24 fps in a movie you can''t notice any problem, the movmeent is smooth.

But :
A frame in a movie is the record of what happened in 1/30 second.
A frame for a computer is the state at one time this 0 seconds.
It''s a instantaneous shot.

So 30fps in a game is totally different from 30fps in a movie !
That''s why motion blur and effects like this are borned.
They are their to simulate a shot of 1/30second length, instead of the instantaneous actual frame.

Just to clarify a point.

In fact 60fps is good in computer games.

-* Sounds, music and story makes the difference between good and great games *-

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Disable "wait vertical retrace" ( depends on your gfx card where and how to do it )....

this way i get 512 fps on my k3-250-voodoo2-opengl (almost blank screen ) and 350 fps with a large a textured sphere...

only drawback is that it may look "flikery" since you dont wait for the monitor to complete showing the frame, before you start rendering the next one.

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I believe the magic fps I''ve seen most is ~65fps. Movies can get away with 24 because they move the camera slowly when there''s a deep background. You need the higher fps to stop distance objects just ''chunking'' when you twist.
If you don''t have a distant background (top-down, isometric, indoor, etc), beyond 30fps is unnoticable.
When you''re getting 300 fps, you need to spend more time on AI! I don''t care about graphics: give me better gameplay.

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