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3D Collision Detection

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Hi,I have made a 3d world demo made up of cubes as objects. I can move around quite freely but also through the objects. I guess this is where collision detection comes in, can anyone please help me out as to what steps i need to take to impliment this - or preferably point me in the right direction to some easy tutorials on the web. Many Thanks

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Collision detection is a fairly complex matter and I believe you would learn it by reading as many article as possible on the subject. A good place to start is looking through the programming features at Gamasutra. There are a couple of good articles there that shouldn''t be too hard to grasp.

- WitchLord

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Hard dont think
Collision detection is hard! dont think. If you think about it logically it can be applied seamlessley with little effort or mathmatical prowes. I got CD in my 3d world and i aint the sharpest mathmatical brain in the uk. the easyiest way if to use the good old ''if'' statement to tell the app if you standing in a area u shouldnt be then stop moving u just hit sommin!.

for example on a wall which streches from (9,0),(-9,0);

if(xpos >= 9 && xpos <=-9 && zpos > 0 && zpos <0.3)

you would have to tweak the coords slightly so that u stop infront! of the wall(which u would with the supplied set 0.3 units in front of wall) and not in it and u allways must supply 4 arguments to the if statemnet or youll find that you wont be abble to walk in some places. oh jueah to collide on a hight scale for like walking up ramps you would obviusly need to supply a height coord.

youve proberbly have noticed /realised that supplying 4 coords on this way describes a rectangular area mathmaticall which it what basically you do u discrbe using the if statements areas that are hard. this isnt by far the best technique but its enough to get started. and remember you always need atleast 4 coords!!!!!

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