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Can anyone here explain lightmaps to me. How exactly do they work and how can you implement them into OpenGL? I''ve seen some and they look quite impressive creating realistic looking shadow effects.

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No offence but ehm,

here at Gamedev there is something called the programming reference. I''m sure that documents already exist that explain lightmaps in full detail. You might wanna check out Flipcode as well.

So please check the docs before asking questions that require an answer the size of a fullblown tutorial.

Jaap Suter

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Here is a little answer.
Follow s9801758 advice.

Lightmapping are used with multitexturing most of the time.

Take an object.
Texture it with your light map.
Apply the object''s skin (texture) to it using alpha blending.
And you got a nice textured, lite and shadowed object.

This is the theory.
Practice require use of texture coordinates, blending modes,...

Hope you got the idea.

-* Sounds, music and story makes the difference between good and great games *-

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