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Joint effort

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Ok, are we ready to move forward? We must start doing something. And please nobody be choosing or assying tasks yet.

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Hmm... voodoo I agree with you that we need order and a good documentation but exactly how are we going to move forward and dont do anything at the same time?

Everybody has assigned tasks at this time Im waiting for Darrin to send the human models he was working with, im doing the vehicles models and the camera, nat is doing the AI and you were suposed to be writing a design document.
Thats what we agreed in the last post..

Coments about the project!

-We now have a new possible member who is going to be helping us with the models skins, including vehicles. Im still looking for someone to help us with the winsock

Nat: I think it will be a really neat if our AI system worked on flocks (many characters working together) instead of individuals, that will get the therans a pretty cool animal instict feeling.

Darrin, I talked to Chris and he told me that the fastest way to animate the characters is vertex morphing not segments this is because there is less math involved in it, thats why almost all 3d multiplater project work with it, if you have already segmenteded your models, I can join them together so dont worry about it. Also he told me a way to have diferent "skins" for a single model q3 style Woohoo!

Im thinking in sending a letter to polycount to find people to help us with the critters models and animations, so we can have a more PRO look in the game aaH and did I mention we have a pro skinner helping me with the vehicles now? what do you think about this?

Comments on models!
jpg files for good quality skins!
less than 600 polys per model please.

SO everybody keep working on what you have been assigned please, remember c++ classes on code!

oh, oh before I forget, we are working on the land1 right? Ive noticed that the old terrain system is a lot easier to work with, and it translates very well to the new one, so for further testing I recomend using the terrain demo instead of land1, when you have something done just port it to land1 or keep it in the "old" terrain. you will work a lot faster.

A note: I recently joined the Age Of Darknes project So I dont have as much time as I would like too for dark apocalypse, I WILL keep working on this project just I wont have as much time. So I really need you guys to get working on the code, the work wont get done by itself you know? the camera system is functional at this time and can also work with some vehicles And Im working on navigation. I will upload a demo next week, anyone knows how to make a character transparent (the whole entity) when the mouse hits him? that will really make navigation very interesting.

Oh yes, about age of darkness, Is a pretty cool real time massive RPG a la ultima online but in 3d and cooler, and they are looking for people of all kinds, programmers modellers, etc. specially PR programmers so if you are interested, go to the web page www.ageofdarkness.net, Im assigned to the terrain engine, and yes It wont be your regular terrain engine, it will be a always loading new lands in a seamless manner engine, very cool stuff!

Well, glad to talk to you all, back to work!

Send the demos of the things you are working with! Darrin we are really ansious to see your new models!, I hope you like the vehicles im working on too! the plane carrier ship and the ripper gun look nice! Oh and you havent send me the complete warrior model with its skin yet!

PS remember PR world unofficial PR Webpage? Im still working on that one (the asp code is done!), but I have yet to talk with Chris and specially to Birkeh, who had the same idea! perhaps he can help me keep the site, Ill talk to him. send me ideas on that one, what will you like to see in it?

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