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External array with variable size?

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How can I make an array that's external, and can change size while the program runs (in C)? It's for a video buffer for a program with changing screen resolutions. It doesn't have to be completely external, just in one c file. Thanks. PS I guess this question is pretty beginner so I ask it here. [edited by - Lode on March 1, 2003 2:39:29 PM]

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Original post by Lode
[quote]Original post by Anonymous Poster

That was the most useless reply I could imagine.

If it didn''t accur to you,
"External"? == Elaborate on that, because that doesn''t seem to be the correct term.

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no, it wasnt, he was asking because your post contained something that doesn''t fit in. I still dont know what you mean for sure, but I think I have a slight idea.

What you want is a global, and a function to resize it. Because of this, it needs to be a pointer. here is an example:

char *vbuf;
int x, y; // old size of the vbuf.

bool Resize( int NewX, int NewY )
if( NewX < x || NewY < y )
return false;
char NewVbuf;
NewVbuf = new char[NewX * NewY];
for( int i = 0; i < x; i++ )
for( int n = 0; n < y; n++ )
NewVbuf = vbuf[n*y+i];
delete vbuf;
vbuf = NewVbuf;
x = NewX;
y = NewY;
return true;

pretty much. could use some extra things, like making the new buf smaller than the old one, but...

// Eric

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