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Want to learn bumpmapping, any tips?

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Hi, well as the topic says I want to learn the mysterious art of bumpmapping. I know there are different methods of doing it, some faster to calculate and some better looking, so that''s why I''m asking here. Which method do you think would suit a bumpmapping newbie? I don''t need it to be good looking, just so it doesn''t look horrible. I''ve heard that dot3 is pretty popular(?), what do you think of it? Anything specific I should look for? And last, do you have any specific tutorials/papers that you think are especially good?

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Well, apart from the excellent tutorial mentioned above, you might want to try nvidia's developer site (http://developer.nvidia.com) if you're coding with nvidia hardware in mind.

This tutorial, for example, outlines everything you'll need for dot3 bumpmapping, from how to config the register combiners to generating normal maps, etc.: http://developer.nvidia.com/docs/IO/1329/ATT/bumpmap.pdf. By the way, if you do download this, ignore the heavy university-level math at the top, you don't need to understand it to do dot3. Have fun...

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