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Well, I''ve been an application programmer for around 9 years now, coding in wonderful visual basic. I''ve not much experience in C++ although I''ve tinkered with it briefly over the years to get my hands dirty while playing in the sandpit. Alas, I''m still no master who can wizz something up like I can in VB, but from books and tutorials I''ve read, I can see common coding structure, where C++ has a more "break up with { } things and other funny character methodology and philosophy . Im getting older, and I thought that before I die, I''d love to live up a childhood dream that I''ve had... I''ve been a big Chris Sawyer fan, who''s written two of my fav. games, Transport Tycoon and RollerCoaster Tycoon. I''d really love to learn the skeletons of all this, fortunately I flunked maths at high school. Is there a good webpage or book that someone has regarding a sizable (up and down) isometric game model. I don''t want source, like I said, I want to pull it apart and learn maths again, and pretend Im god for knowing how it all works. I''ve got Andre'' LaMothe''s books on "Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus" and his follow up "Windows Game Programming Gurus", it details DirectX, GDI and C++ conventions well, but does not dwelve into this unknown realm Im seeking. I''ve seen another book Isometric Programming with Dx 7.0 but I fear what I''ll read is 20% new subject matter to me and does not relate to Chris Sawyer''s style of Game Engine or worse. Cut short, is there someone who''s written a tutorial on Chris Sawyer''s Game Engine Model detailing the maths in detail and giving readers pretty pictures that give them easier understanding?

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I think you can read isometric game programming with DX7.0. Just skip the first part that deals with gdi and directX stuff and move directly to the second part.
In addition you can find a good set of knowledge here.

good luck

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