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Truespace Questions from Newbie

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Could someone explain what skills you need to use Truespace?Also,i heard that you needed something like Adobe Photoshop to use Truespace?Please help!!!!!!Can you recommend any books on Truespace?

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it would be interesting which version of truespace you mean...

well,skills,umn...if you are starting form scratch,you have to learn a lot.but this isn´t only truespace,it´s all rendersoftware.or more specific:rendering ,modeling and animating is a very ,very wide field.
start with the basics:how to use the interface...
which button is what...
try to do a simple sphere,paint it,and render it as bitmap...

normally there is also a litte tutorial movie,which comes with ts...

truespace mostly uses right- or leftklick for menu and navigate.rightklick at a button of the bar,and normally the menu will pop up,with many other buttons.

problem with ts 4 and higher is its complex interface with lots of buttons and submenus.but as i said,this is a problem with all rendersoftware.but after a while it is very fast to work with ts.you still have to know which button does what...

therefor i would suggest you to start with truespace version 1.it´s the first one from 1996 ,and doesn´t have this much buttons to confuse you *g*
search for this version.it`s free
after two or three days of playing around,you could switch to the newer one,this makes the buttons interface a bit clearer...

if i would have started with my current verison,i would have been lost with the interface...

adobe photoshop necessary for truespace?LOL.i heard that you could use some plugins from photoshop in ts 6 for post process rendering.but ts is standalone...still working with version 4.3...

good place for truespace plugins and tutorials is for example this place:


or go to google and insert the following words:
truespace tutorial

hope that helped a bit *g*

tilesets games sprites

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