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Sam Gamgee

CoUninitialize() hangs

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Hi, I'm having trouble with the CoUninitialize() procedure with DirectPlay. Whenever I call it, my app hangs and I have to use CTRL-ALT-DEL to get out of it. My network code all works fine until CoUninitialize() is called. Here is my cleanup code for directPlay:
void KillDP()
  if( g_pDP )

  g_pDP = NULL;
  g_pDeviceAddr = NULL;
  g_pHostAddr = NULL;

  // program hangs here:


  DPInit = false;
I don't understand why this procedure doesn't work. Perhaps someone can see what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance. -Sam. RTS3D -- a 3D Real Time Strategy game [edited by - Sam Gamgee on March 2, 2003 2:06:13 PM]

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