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Writing a 2D Renderer

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I have my own sprites class and texture class, and everything working perfectly with respect to drawing/rendering. The system I use is a batching system with multiple lock-unlock calls with a dynamic Vb. Now in order to minimize draw(...) calls, I want to group each object by layer and by texture. By layer I mean what to draw first.. I realize I could use a Z-buffer for this, but I dont feel comfortable enough with it. What I was thinking is that the CRenderer would have a 2d vector, the first one being layer the second being the objects, so each layer has a vector of objects to sort and draw. But I''m not to sure if this is a great idea, and I don''t know how to write an algorithm which would traverse the entire thing. What has everyone else done in respect to writing a renderer? Is it even worth it for a 2D game?

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First, I'll say that in the game I'm working on I simply draw everything from back to front. I have a little less control when it comes to rendering, like I can't draw objects between layers of the map, but I don't need this.

The method you described should not be too difficult to implement. I take it you are referring to 2d STL vector in your post, I got got confused when I first read your post thinking you meant a 2d vector like (x,y). Anyway, there is no such thing as a 2d STL vector, they're linear. However, you can make a 2d array to hold the objects for each layer.

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