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Good storyline?

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Hey, First off thanks to all of you who have helped me so far with my problems. This site has really helped me alot. I was wondering if anyone thought this was an ok-good storyline, (NOTE: I welcome comments and ideas) By the way this is just started so I don''t have everytihng worked out so if it seems a little rocky try to work with me. Well here it goes- Title-Demon Realms of the Underworld The main charicter in this game is a demon. Setting-Sort of sword time(there this advanced technology though) StoryLine-It all started when the secret mining orgenization figures out your a demon and decides your too risky to be free. (He''s about 8 years old then)They come to his house, murder his family and put him in the secret slave mining coorperation. He''s lied to(about what happened in his past), and forced to do the most dangerous. dirty work of all and hardly gets any sleep. Then when he''s about 20, a huge blast ehco''s through the cave,(it''s an accident) killing him. He get''s sent to the realms and a God-like person tells him the truth, telling him about how the mining corp murdered his family. Hatred goes through Sathenzar(he''s the main char) like poisen. He vowes that he will return one day. And take revenge on the world. From then on, the realms of the underworld turns to The Demon Realms of the Underworld. Then pretty much you return(no duh) and thats all thats been decided so far. Suggustions? or anything else fo that matter. (BTW-I''ve had some people ask why the guy wants to take revenge on the world b/c of the mining corp, this is due to the fact that the world thought he was to dangerous too)

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Why is this mining organization using slaves? To save money, lack of workers, just for fun?
How/why did you come into existance?
How do they know you''re a demon?
Why does a slave company care if you''re "risky" or not? Are you a direct threat to them specifically?
What are the realms?
Why do they change to demon realms? Just because you go there?
What''s the point of the game? To come back and kill everything?

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Thanks for those questions, I printed those off and will fill those out. Then I will reply back and fill in the blanks.
Well, wait. First though before I go. You asked why is the slave mining corp using slaves. Well thats because first off there evil(no duh) and two, they don''t have to pay them and make them work all day to search for gold. Whitch is very common to find some in this mine. And also how does he figure out he''s a demon?
Good question. He finds out when he''s sent to the realms. Why is he sent there? all the details arn''t worked out. But again,
thanks for the questions. I''ll use them to help interlink the game. Later-
Demon Realms

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