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X² Mil#5 mid-term Review

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Long time no? I''m looking for feedback on the design site now. How do you think it can be improved in its current state? (see design). Review for tha Term Hello Everyone, It has been an explosive term this last month and a half. More work has been successfully completed than in many of the previous terms combined. There have been three major factors that have led to this: 1.) Extravagant performances by Key Team Members 2.) Addition of new, highly skilled members who were able to adapt to the process quickly and produce content on the fly. 3.) And most importantly, Team Work that developed through the streamlining of our production process. I congratulate the team on their continued determination and hard work. Here''s what''s new. OVERVIEW The Power Point Presentation First off, there have been great developments in Design, Art, Programming, and Business in preparation for our big shows. Design On the design side the team has been able to break down the low-level game mechanics and interactions to finely define all of the major systems of the PC version of X². With the expanded resources that the PC provides, we are definitely taking advantage of its capabilities for our style of game. The design document has also been completely re-vamped and incase you haven''t check it out lately it’s much easier to navigate and houses twice as many visuals to illustrate the key points. Design Site Programming The programmers have had their main focus on designing and creating the scripting systems that will be necessary to create the intricate interactions between the players, the world, and all the interactive elements found in the game. With this, the design team will be able to craft and tweak the actual events on their own. Art and Animation In art, with the repositioning and addition of key personal, we have caught up significantly in creating the content needed for the Raire City Level. In addition, thanks to Ian, we have been able to finalize designs for all enemies and the next step is to take them into the pixel realm. Speaking of pixels, 2 new pixel artists; Josh and Dave have joined the team as well and so will be helping to further advance the process by creating the props and characters needed in the game. Willis is another member skilled in concept and character design who will be replacing Wilson Chan who has landed a job at the game company C4 (yay!). Animation has finally come around as well and we shall be seeing a large jump in the production of in-game character animation assets. Kalsus Reese Enemy Designs: E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 Pixel Art: Tiles Math Sprite E6 Writing On the I.P. side of things, Ibrahim has been diligently plucking away at the foundation of the world with more and more fascinating writing. He is effectively composing his scripts to present the world of Seda as it is meant to be seen. Amacrocidious Story: Auto Nimix Link Business Business this term has shown the most growth with the addition of Jeremy Coleman to the team. He will be handling the business and finance end of the spectrum which includes the Business Plan, Professional Contacts, Grants and Funding etc. We finally feel that the team has reached a strong foundation and only seek to continue to improve and grow upon a good thing. Web A big thanks to Aubrey for getting the new site together. The site will officially launch under LiquidMoonStudios.com/x2, but in the meanwhile can be previewed here: X² Beta Site We have many things planned for this site that were lacking in the previous one; this includes a media player with game music, footage, and screen shots, as well as downloadable wallpapers and posters designed by Karl Balde himself. Keep and eye out for the official launch of the X² Official Website version 2.0. Other Also, an interesting side note. This week at the Game Developers Conference, the X² Media pack will be making its debut at the A.I. CDIS booth. This is a great outlet for us and hopefully we will gain some positive feedback. MILESTONE #5 March 30th 2003 We have a few key focus'' to take care of in the next 5 months. The first being the Corporate Media Package which is being designed specifically for the E3 convention this May. Our goal is to promote the team, as well as the Intellectual Property (IP) being developed, to publishers and other key individuals. Many meetings have already been arranged with various individuals from places such as Konami and Midway. At the very least, our exposure will be enhanced and using that, we will continue to market ourselves abroad in such shows as the International Games Festival, and the Comicon convention. Besides this, Liquid Moon Studios Inc. will be an official corporate entity within the week. LMS will be the holding company for the IP that has been in development by our team for the last 10 months. Its subsidiary, "Seda" will be formed shortly after and will be the actual development house licensing the I.P. from Liquid Moon Studios. Seda will act as the interface for all productions dealing with Seda and the X² universe. There is much more exciting news on the way, keep tabs on the X² Media site for the latest when it launches. -Sage13 Liquid Moon Team X2: Official Site

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