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Simulating Glass in Realtime 3D Games

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Hi, can someone tell me how to make realistic glass effects for 3d games? I have seen it in some of the latest 3d shooters, like Unreal, glass reflects reflects the environment, although not that exact than i have seen on some NVidia demos. Is it done using Cube Mapping? I haver never done it yet. Wouldn´t be that very performance lasting? Thanks Gammastrahler

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Guest Anonymous Poster
i saw some radeon demos and there were some glass and metal spheres reflecting the surroundings. it seems the technique is based on some non-realtime stuff from 98 or something. the author wrote a paper on it.

the trick is.. you render a whole scene (minus the current object!) to an envmap for the object of interest. and then you just envmap the object.. at least.. that was what i understood of the paper.

it probably is still linked from ati''s demopages..


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