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Lisp and Tk

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I just downloaded GCL (I was using clisp before) because clisp doesn't have (as far as I could see!) foreign function interfaces. GCL does and it also allows me to use Tk for windowing. I had tried to learn Tcl/Tk a few years back and made little progress[1]. I was curious if GCL with Tk is an effective way of making gui apps or if it is generally more advisable to have a lisp process as a data layer and send messages to some other gui process (e.g. C++ using Qt). [1] Protip: Tk is not very effective in a remotely accessed xterm. EDIT: _Does anyone have experience in using GCL with Tk and what are your experiences?_ (decided to make the main question more visible) [edited by - flangazor on March 3, 2003 11:17:51 AM]

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