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Hello there, Im currently importing a project from VC++ 6.0 to Bloodshed''s DevCpp. My problem is that when I try to compile the project in this new environment I get various "syntax error before ;" and "syntax error before *" inside olectl.h which is included by dshow.h. The lines causing these syntax errors are: typedef VARIANT_BOOL OLE_OPTEXCLUSIVE; typedef VARIANT_BOOL OLE_CANCELBOOL; typedef VARIANT_BOOL OLE_ENABLEDEFAULTBOOL; LPUNKNOWN pUnk; LPOLESTR *pElems; LPCOLESTR lpszCaption; LPUNKNOWN *lplpUnk; DISPID dispidInitialProperty; LPOLESTR pszTitle; LPOLESTR pszDocString; LPOLESTR pszHelpFile; LPOLESTR lpstrName; CY cySize; I get many errors after that but I thought I would ask about these ones first to see if its a domino effect. Well, thats it for now. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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