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DLL Hell !!! please Help.

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Hello ppl, I´m compiling my engine in a dll. Things went great until I create an App class that inherited from a BaseApp. When I call the Init() method a messagebox pops up saying that can´t find the entry point for the method. I don´t know what''s going wrong. I have used other classes from the dll (not inherited, just instanciated a few objects) and it worked Ok. Any suggestion?. The BaseApp inheritance tree: CObject->CBaseApp. And in the application I do: CMyApp: public CBaseApp{}. CObject is exported and CBaseApp too. Thanks in advance. HexDump.

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Normally when you get this type of error, the function name that is being exported is different than the function name you are using in GetProcAddress. I would double check your DLL using Dependency Walker or tdump if you use Borland to see what is the name being exported.

This can usually be easily fixed by changing the name in GetProcAddress, changing some compiler settings if the name is being mangled, or use the EXPORTS def file.

Dino M. Gambone
Good judgement is gained through experience. Experience, however, is gained through bad judgement.

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