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Byte Alignment in VC++ 6.0

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hi, i have a question concerning byte alignment. I´m programming a scripting language and my instructions should be variable-sized to keep the code small (for example, a byte-add instruction should only occupie 3 bytes, one for the byte code, and one for each of the two operands, where an longint adds would occupy 9 bytes). but the byte alignment is set by VC++ to a 8 byte boundary, to improve performance, and i have an AMD 1800XP+. Would reducing the boundary to one byte mean heavily peformance hits? I have read that the java byte code format always uses 1-byte boundary alignmemnt. Can someone give me a good advice? thanks Gammastrahler

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Just let your compiler do any kind of aligning it wants. Then when reading in the commands, read each operand/operator separately.

struct A {
char a;
int b; //don''t care about alignment
char c;

ifstream in(..);
A a;
in >> a.a >> a.b >> a.c;

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