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Bitmaped labels on a curved surface?

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Hi guys, Small problem here. I am trying to put labels on a gluSphere. The I create a bitmap display list as Nehe does in his bitmap lesson and use glRasterPos to set where the label should begin to draw. The problem here is that when I rotate the sphere, the labels (especially the tail end of the labels) curve into the sphere. Because the labels are created dynamically on a one second update, I cannot afford the performance hit of texturing these lables onto the sphere. I have two possible fixs, both of which I really don''t like. Option 1: Give the labels a Z offset so that the labels are totially visible, the only problem with this is that the labels "float" a little too much above the sphere for my (and my bosses) likeing? Option 2: For each letter in the label, do an indivigual raster position so that the labels are all on the same plane. This would probibly work, but it a pain in the @ss, as I would need the font width, etc. Anouther option, that I have tried was to do the labels in an ortho projection. The problem here is that that the labels did not rotate with the sphere, and I really need it to do that. Any suggestions? Thanks Roach

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