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Jennifer Hilton

Muscle Cars

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Looking for any leads on developers or publishers showing renewed interest in "Muscle" cars, particulary Chrysler and Plymouth. We are a licensing agent for Chrysler exclusively and had a developer/publisher on board for a "Hemi Head" game that has now dropped the ball. Looking for new partners - this is a licensing deal. Also has anyone heard of any new "Muscle" car type games being developed by anyone else

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Doubtful if this is true, but EA might be working on a sequel to its Motor City Online Game. (I haven''t heard of any news regarding a project, so I doubt it is being made.)

The major players that would probably pony up to something like this are Infogrames, EA, and possibly Activision. In my opinion, though, Valusoft seems to be a dark horse with its racing and driving simulations (Hard Truck 2 and 18 Wheels of Steel, for example, and Illegal Street Drag).

Definitely, DEFINITELY check out http://www.nfscheats.com (should still be online, or http://discussion.nfscheats.com - The Unofficial Need For Speed Website discussion board) - chances are, the people inside that forum will be able to give you the scoop on anything being developed with a muscle car theme.


You said you were also looking for developers for a Chrysler muscle car game. What exactly are you looking for? Is there a generic idea of what you want to design already on the table, or have you started from scratch?

Personally, it would be interesting to showcase some of the new musclecar designs of Chrysler against the old-school musclecar establishment (the schools of Chevy, Buick, and the old Chrysler-Plymouth class: technologically-altered strength versus old- fashioned unadulterated muscle).

A second idea? Squaring Chrysler''s current muscle offerings against other current automobile manufacturers (Mercedes, for example, or perhaps Jaguar, Maserati, etc), as a world competition of sorts.

Irregardless of the ultimate idea chosen, the game will be best served by an open design (being able to drive freely within a city or urban area, like Midtown Madness, Driver, or Grand Theft Auto). This just makes sense: there''s no way to really demonstrate the powerful authority of a car in a game unless you see what it can do flying around corners, ripping through intersections and down highways at breakneck speeds.

It would be interesting to see if the game featured cars that could be modified with Mopar parts as well. With the current focus on performance cars within economically affordable boundaries, and interest in automobile modification growing by leaps and bounds, it would be great to have modifiable cars, to personalize the experience, and really make the gamer feel like they are a part of what is going on instead of just driving cars.

Multiplayer would be a must - again, the idea is to square off against other competitors and see who has the better car. It was the spirit of the musclecar era, and that has carried over generation after generation.

I wish the best of success for you and those working to secure this game. We can always use another racing game.

Ramon Reyes
aka slippers2k

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