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More Truespace Questions from Newbie....

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Thanks whoever recommended for me to download Truespace 1.0. Now that i have it i need to know what kind of tutorials or books e-books anything to help me learn truespace and become familiar with the tools and stuff. Newbie Question:What is a renderer? What do you call Maya and 3D Studio MAX(Modeller? Animator?)....Anyway thanks for the help!

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renderer is ,i think , the part of an rendering programm ,that converts your painted 3d wireframe model to a 2d picture.
truespace ,3ds max,maya,lightwave,cinema4d...are all programs that are able to render the stuff to a picture format.also you can model and animate your stuff in it.
so you also could say, all of them are rendering,3d modeling and animation softwarepackages.ways too long to speak or write.so it is called rendersoftware :-)

for the tutorials,hmm...wasn´t there a manual with it?if not,there are also some movies coming with the installation.take a look at them...

also,take a look at google to search for truespace and tutorial...haven´t i told this before?anyway...:-P

let´s tuting some first steps:

make a sphere:look for the primitives button.there is a cube at it.and it should be somewhere downleft near the arrow button.leftklick at the cube,hold mouse,and go to the spere symbol.with releasing the mouse now,a sphere should appear.

now rightklick at the arrow button near the primitives panel.a nice menu pops up,where you can change the size,position,rotation of the sphere...
you can also scale rotate and move the object with the buttons near the arrowbutton,called object move,object rotate,object scale:also some buttons with some arrows at it.

now we will paint our sphere with simple colour:
search for the button with a pink funnel and a small yellow cube at it.rightclick at it,and the paintpanels pops up.choose your colour by moving the little black thing in the hexagonal color area with the mouse(centered as standard).or you rightklick at the bar near the field,and type in the colour value you need in the uppopping field.now LEFTklick at the button with the funnel,and the sphere will be painted with your selected colour.

let´s make a bitmap out of our sphere:
look for a button with three coloured cylinders at it.should be somewhere at the lower right side...this button is called render scene to file
leftklick at it,and a menu pops up with the settings :
size,format,destionation folder.type in the necessary things,and klick at okay.the picture should be rendered now...
after this you should have a bitmap in your folder...

more tips:truespace uses rightklicks for opening a menu and leftklicks for activating a button...

for more features,go quickly to a higher version.ts 1 is excellent for the first 2-3 days ;-)

i only explained the very basic things here.

i hope i have explained it the right way,because i made it out of my mind.ts1 was installed ages ago at my pc...

tilesets games sprites

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