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Drawing visible lines with D3D 8

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How do I go about drawing visible 3D lines in D3D 8? I can set up an object in my game that''ll render line lists, but I don''t seem to get any output from it - what exact procedure do I need to use to draw just a straightline from one point in 3D space to another? ##UnknownPlayer##

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      void ssD3D::DrawLine(Vector start, Vector end, WSCOLOR clrStart, WSCOLOR clrEnd)

pLineBuffer->Lock(0,2 * sizeof(SPRITEVERTEX),(BYTE**)&pVertices,0);

pVertices[0].color = D3DCOLOR_RGBA(clrStart.r,clrStart.g,clrStart.b,clrStart.a);
pVertices[1].color = D3DCOLOR_RGBA(clrEnd.r,clrEnd.g,clrEnd.b,clrEnd.a);

pVertices[0].x = start.x;
pVertices[0].y = start.y;
pVertices[1].x = end.x;
pVertices[1].y = end.y;


//pDevice->SetTransform(D3DTS_WORLD, NULL);

D3DXMATRIX Identity;
pDevice->SetTransform(D3DTS_WORLD, &Identity);

pDevice->SetStreamSource(0, pLineBuffer, sizeof(SPRITEVERTEX));
pDevice->DrawPrimitive(D3DPT_LINELIST, 0, 1);

Ripped straight from source code to one of my games (2D side-scroller, so you'll have to add the extra dimension), but hope it helps you with the general procedure.

[EDIT:] SPRITEVERTEX is defined as:

float x, y, z;
DWORD color;
float u, v;

All this obviously assuming you've set up a D3D device and world/projection matrices etc.

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Ok I''ve got that, but now my screen is generating a seizure robot type effect that''s blocking out everything else on the screen? Did you suffer from this at some point, and if so what was the fix?


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