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Finding a programmer (posting a job offer) - what to look for?

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Some background: we are a not too large software company that is bassically creating business applications. We have an internal project in which we want to delve into the games industry, and the whole thing starts to be good enough that we start about getting a programmer assigned to make some feasibility studies and ground work. Surely, while we hav great people, they all are pretty incompetent when it comes to 3d games (and yes, we talk of a 3d game project here). So, we will proapbly have to go out and get a new employee on board for this. As usual, finding this guy is going to land on my table. So - how would you go for this? Now, I dont ask for "how do I find a programmer" - I know this. Just - what is the real stuff to look for in this? My normal "checklist" won't cut it here - different field. What I think we will look for is someone that has a sound 3d background (math wise, as well as maybe physics wise), is good in C++, willing to lean C#. As this is mostly for feasibility study work and maybe a prototype in the beginning, I dont really want to come up with all this crap about how good our game is going to be. With the background we have I would consider this simply to be not serious. OTOH, I have a real problem judging his 3d knowledge - while I can definitly filter out the wannabees, my advaced knowledge is pretty thin. This aside, how many programmers are normally interested in jobs, compared to "normal" work? What feedback (in numbers) can I expect, and what are potentially best places to advertise for this kind of open position? (note: I talk of a real job here - so remote work is not possible). We normally go for local newsgroups, work agencies, and some small paper ads - I am just not sure whether this will give us the correct feedback. Any tips you could put up on my table? Regards Thomas Tomiczek THONA Consulting Ltd. (Microsoft MVP C#/.NET) --- Sidenote: Would freelancers and other companies please NOT try to get work from us? We have no intention to fill this position by hiring a freelancer or another company. This is a permanent position and it is in Berlin/Germany. No, we do NOT help with work permits, pay for relocation or stuff like this. Working offsite is NOT possible. We explicitly look for local talent that. [edited by - thona on March 7, 2003 1:57:41 AM]

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