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per pixel lights and metal?

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You guys also noticed that a metal textures looks the best with bumpy per pixel lights? Somehow my brick texture is all washed out looking compared to the metal texture. Hmm... now I know why doom3 like engines use lots of metal My light eq. is: (ambient + (att.*(L*N'')*Lcolor) + (att.*(H*N'')^2*glossmap)) * base texture. I use norm. cubemaps for both diffuse and specular as it gives that nice glowing light effect. I only have two texture stages so each attenuated point light takes 4 passes with 1 for initial ambient and 1 for final base texture, so 6 total. Runs ok on a test app with two lights and shadow volumes. The modulate tex. op (in gloss pass) seemed to sped things up, I used specular light before I switched to glossmaps and it was slower. How are you guys authoring gloss maps? By hand or is there a filter or color manipulation you do on your base textures to produce light and dark areas suitable for glossmaps? I do it by hand now, with possibly loading gloss into alpha channel of normal map upon loadup into app.

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