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DShow problems in devcpp

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Hello! I am working on a game in VC++ and need to get it working with dev-cpp so that i can work with it in school too. (I need my daily dose of coding ) When i try to compile it under dev-cpp I get some strange "syntax error before ;" and "syntax error before *" errors inside olectl.h which is included by dshow.h. The lines causing these syntax errors are: (Using Dev-C++ 5.0 ( with Mingw/GCC 2.95.3) typedef VARIANT_BOOL OLE_OPTEXCLUSIVE; typedef VARIANT_BOOL OLE_CANCELBOOL; typedef VARIANT_BOOL OLE_ENABLEDEFAULTBOOL; LPUNKNOWN pUnk; LPOLESTR *pElems; LPCOLESTR lpszCaption; LPUNKNOWN *lplpUnk; DISPID dispidInitialProperty; LPOLESTR pszTitle; LPOLESTR pszDocString; LPOLESTR pszHelpFile; LPOLESTR lpstrName; CY cySize; If you don''t know what dev-cpp is, check out

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