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Making a map editor

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I have designed my map format, and now i want to create a map editor for it. Problem is, i dont have a clue where to start. I have had some experience in using SDL, but that is about it. I will obviously have a crack at it, using sdl, but untill then Any help? Thanks, Chris. [edited by - StormUK on March 5, 2003 9:44:51 AM]

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Is it tile based? Should be pretty easy if it is. Here are a list of things you might want to / should include:

- Scrolling around the map
- A way to load a tile set
- A test option? (if your engine is built yet)
- Layers (ie: if it''s a 2D game, some things should be drawn first, and things closer shoud be drawn over them)

Those are just some ideas off the top my head. Could you be a little more specific as to what you''re looking for I wasn''t sure what you meant when you said you don''t know where to start. Do you mean in general, or is it more specific (ie: graphics, save/load, etc...)?


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it is a tile based game.
it needs to be able to use a custom amount of tiles.

it is going to be a single layred, 2d game.

the info it will need will be: the tile graphic (number), if the tile is blocked or not, and if the tile is a teleporter (to load the next map) with the map id and location to spawn on.

[edited by - StormUK on March 5, 2003 12:13:44 PM]

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It''s not all that hard, but I don''t know if you''re going to find anything if you''re looking for a tutorial. Instead, I''ll give you a place to start.

First off, just look into how to load images (i.e. your tileset) in whatever API you choose to use. Then just figure out how to draw the loaded images to the screen, corresponding to an array that represents the map. All you need after that is some means of input, so you can change the data in the array, and therefore the map.

All I can say is take it one step at a time. Figure out what the first thing you need is, get it done, and continue from there. You''ll probably end up with a serious mess when it''s done, but it will work, or at least teach you what exactly you need to do to get one done properly.

-Arek the Absolute

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ok i been putting off posting as i posted the complete awnser to this question just a few days ago in this forum

However... ill give ya the short of it, and if you need more just do a search of this board for the previous thread or many other like it.

You can do it in MANy ways.

First you need to pick a tool(language) to program the map editor in common choices include (MFC, WIN 32 API, VisualBasic, C#, Java)

then you will create a few arrays
(first will be the area of you final map of the level)
(second will be the area of TILES you will have in the final map)
(** NOTE: the firs is size in PIXELS, while second array is size in Tiles **)

then load in pre-made tile graphics representing terrain choices. Example: Rock, Grass, Snow, Lava, Water, Forest, etc..

then display you tile sets (usualy you will have o have a way to break them up as most levels will be alot bigger then can fit on one screen at a time) then let the user select tiles and pick which terrain to apply to it. Then you update you TILE array with the value associated with the Terrain.
When there finished, you simply parse through the TILE array, applying the pre-loaded in Tile terrain graphics into the FINAL PIXEL array. then save it as the graphic format you want.

this is a VERY BASIC method, but it gives you an idea of how it all works, and you can modify it then to fit your needs.

if you need an example of this basic level editor, i just created one to help the other guy out. its located at My HomeSite (Not Completed Yet)

just click the completed programs in the menu and its the one of the first ones listed.

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